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About Us.

BlueNet Solutions is recognized as a preferred provider of innovative IT consulting and network solutions & services. BlueNet enables success through a powerful mix of professionals, processes and appropriate application of technology.

Points Of View.

Influencing Without Authority,
Building Trust in Organizations

New talent is often brought onto projects to objectively, effectively, and efficiently solve existing problems. The outside knowledge and expertise new team members bring to the table is invaluable...

Harnessing the Predictable in
an Unpredictable Reality

In the summer of 2013, the United States was preparing for the implementation of the largest health care reform package in more than 50 years, California announced details of the enrollment system...

The Business of Healthcare Delivery

In the United States, healthcare is delivered within a variety of business models, such as not-for-profit, private, public-private collaborations and public sector. In an industry with perpetually...

Establishing Optimized
Portfolio Management

Portfolio Management is a sought after capability for most organizations as they take on an increasing number of ideas to be converted into projects or programs. It becomes the way for cost center...

Setting the Foundation for
Strategic Portfolio Planning

Within most organizations’ Portfolio Management functions, two scenarios are prevalent with new project ideas: high value ideas typically find a long path to becoming projects/programs, and low...

Increasing Enterprise Adoption
for Hybrid SaaS Providers

Most enterprise CIOs are now managing both on premise and software as a service (SaaS) based applications within their corporate IT landscape and infrastructure. To date, enterprise adoption of SaaS...


BlueNet Consultants provide the technical capabilities for managing high-availability systems that require high-reliability, redundant architectures with very stringent security requirements. BlueNet has led and served our partners to enhance system and network availability and mission-critical performance of our clients' hardware, software, computer, network, and telecommunication assets.

Network Security

Rapid changes to, and implementation of, new technology has led to potential vulnerability of information systems. Concerns about the selection, deployment and maintenance of adequate safeguards have increased awareness. An appropriate IT security program encompasses tools designed to safeguard an organization’s information resources.
Accordingly, BlueNet Solutions works with businesses to establish and/or refine their information security tool set. BlueNet focuses on the necessary components of an information security program including network vulnerability assessment, firewalls, email encryption, anti-virus software and intrusion detection devices – as well as policies & procedures.

IT Consulting

BlueNet Solutions combines expertise in information technology design, implementation and management to deliver superior consulting services to organizations that require technology solutions.
BlueNet contends that a robust and stable IT environment does not occur by accident but is the result of careful planning. Our consultants work with clients on long-range network design and planning which sets the horizon for major initiatives, as well as working with clients on short-range planning to fine-tune the client’s environment and make necessary adjustments.

Network Infrastructure

BlueNet Solutions combines experienced, proficient network technology skills with best-of-class customer service to provide clients with the finest IT product delivery and service system available - the next generation, IT outsourcing solution.
Firewalls, Internet, Intranet, Email Servers, DSL, Frame Relay. Because of the explosive growth and ever-increasing complexities in the computing and communications arenas, IT departments may not possess - and may not want to maintain - all the technology skills and experience necessary to meet today's technological demands. Now, there's an outsourcing solution that responds to the challenge of providing technical expertise and extra manpower where and when you need it - BlueNet Solutions.
BlueNet can enhance or compliment existing staff in areas such as LAN, WAN, desktop, security, telecom and the Internet. By integrating a full range of network administration and management skills, BlueNet assists in the realization of technology goals and helps assure that an organization's technology vision stays on track.

  • BlueNet Solutions is an independent management consulting firm providing Strategy, Operations and Technology consulting services to our clients. We guarantee our work – every engagement, every time.

    Management Consulting
  • In addition to our management consulting practice, BlueNet Solutions invests in select startup companies via direct financial investment or a combination of direct financial investment and consulting services.

    Early Stage Venture Capital

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